Dear customers,

April 21, 2019
Dear customers,

NATURAL LEATHER Company established “KHUR” brand in 2016 with the purpose to its produce the eco-friendly and qualified leather products using domestic raw materials, to deliver the products to the local and international consumers, therefore to introduce the motherland in the global market.

In the past, we have been actively organizing awareness-raising activities to introduce our products in the domestic and international markets; therefore successfully exported our products in the PRC, Japan, and France and could have a lot of permanent consumers

Furthermore, our company intends to implement several objectives to lead in the leather production sector and to enlarge foreign trade. In recent years, the survey has shown that the consumption of eco-friendly and qualified leather products is being increased in worldwide. Therefore, we are glad that our company has been developing the world famous production through unique products and services based on domestic resources and opportunities.

"Our country is one of the countries which has four seasons of the year with a unique climate. Skin and leather of Mongolian livestock well accustomed with four seasons of the year, breathing and air permeabilities are good and flexible. That is the main reason for high- quality products."

I would like to thank our consumers who have been choosing the unique design, color, and quality of our products

Solongo Basan                                                                                                                      Founder of KHUR brand